Every organisation looks for ways to become more agile and get speed in developing new digital solutions and services. Choosing the right frameworks, methodologies and models and starting to work accordingly is normally the first step in transforming current ways of working. However, working in an agile way is primarily a cultural shift; not a technology.

This one-day simulation course uses gamification and experiential learning methods in order to understand the essence in agile ways of working.

By the end of the day the participants understand the importance of:

• business focus and customer value
• working as a one team
• common and agreed language and success measures
• reduced cost to quality
• reduced time to test
• accelerated time to market
• continuous application deployment and delivery
• increased ability to release more and faster

The course is based on DevOps simulation game that takes place over 3 rounds. Each round takes the participants closer to desired state meaning creating a one team culture, becoming product-focused and achieving faster delivery.

The training is suitable for all levels and roles in the organisation: leadership, operational and business.


08.30-09.00 Registration and networking breakfast

09.00-09.30 Introduction and game instructions
Simulation aim and background
Role selection

09.30-10.00 Round 1
• Highlight the causes for customer frustration
• Bring life the need to collaborate and communicate across organisation
• Need for establishing single teams
• Finding out manual, time consuming and error-prone processes
• Focus on lack of priority

10.00-10.15 Coffee break

10.15–11.00 Review and improvement actions
• Reviewing round 1 results
• Planning for round 2

11.00-11.30 Round 2
• Being proactive instead of reactive
• Adopting service and product-focused mindset
• Understand process duplication and waste minimization
• Importance of continuous feedback
• Roles’ shift (“Shift Left”)
• Need for continuous integration

11.30-12.00 Review and reports
• Reviewing round 1 results

12.00-13.00 Lunch

13.00-13.30 Preparations for round 3
• Planning and implementing changes for round 3

13.30-14.00 Round 3
• Need for analytics to drive enhancement and new development
• Common success measures
• Building quality at the front
• Virtual testing and service virtualization
• Focus on monitoring, performance, disaster recovery and high availability

14.00-14.15 Coffee break

14.15-15.00 Review and reports

15.00-16.00 Agility in context of enterprise development
• Overview to end-to-end development model: demand, development
and services
• Defining the sources of demand
• Managing multi-speed development

16.00-16.15 Summing-up

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